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Sheldrick Wildlife Trust & Norsu Organic’s Mission To Save Elephants

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust & Norsu Organic’s Mission To Save Elephants - NORSU-ORGANIC
Certificaiton Eldphant adoption

We’re helping the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and we want to tell you all about their mission and work to save endangered specimens in Kenya

Photo by Patrick Baum on Unsplash


Norsu Organic is proud to communicate that we’ll be donating 1% of each profitable order to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a rescue of foster elephants and wildlife rehabilitation program in Kenya.


Keep on reading to learn more about Sheldrick’s mission and to understand more about global changes that threaten wildlife as we know it. Further, our commitment to donating a portion of our sales to keep aligning our brand with what we stand for.


What Is The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust?

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was founded 45 years ago out of a family's love for Kenya and its wildness. It is most known for its Orphans Project, the world's first and most successful elephant orphan rescue and rehabilitation program. The Sheldrick Species Trust is a forward-thinking conservation organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and habitats in East Africa.


All methods that aid in the conservation, preservation, and protection of species and habitats are supported by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Anti-poaching, environmental protection, community awareness, animal welfare issues, veterinary assistance to animals in need, rescuing and hand rearing elephant and rhino orphans, as well as other species that can eventually enjoy a quality of life in the wild when grown, are just some of the projects they work on across Kenya.



How Do They Help Animals?

While the Orphans' Project is the organization's heart, it cannot operate in isolation, and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has built a comprehensive, multi-faceted conservation approach over the last 45 years to assure a stronger and longer-lasting benefit for wildlife.


Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is actively conserving the natural environment and offering prompt aid to wild creatures in need through its Aerial, Anti-Poaching, and Mobile Veterinary Units. Their well-known Orphans' Project allows them to respond to and rescue orphaned newborn elephants, rhinos, and other wild species all around Kenya so that they can return to the wild when they are older.


Community Outreach connects them with people who live in close proximity to wildlife, while the Saving Habitat effort focuses on preserving irreplaceable wilderness areas so that animals can move freely.


The comprehensive approach to conservation is anchored by collaboration with local communities bordering Kenya's National Parks, which is carried out in collaboration with the Kenya Wildlife Service, the Kenya Forest Service, and local communities. Working with Kenyans is critical to ensuring a secure and vibrant future for both wildlife and humans, as well as eliminating human-wildlife conflict.



Current Global Challenges Wildlife Has To Face

Current Global Challenges Wildlife Has To Face

Communities are migrating into environments that used to be home to wildlife as human populations grow. Whether it's farms built along traditional elephant migration routes or more livestock and livestock grazing within animal areas, vital resources like water and land are becoming scarcer, and crop-raiding, livestock predation, and conflict are on the rise.


Human-wildlife conflict is expected to become even more of a problem as Kenya's population is expected to increase by more than 50% by 2030, putting greater strain on human-wildlife relations.


Apart from this, crop raiding is a problem that many villages around national parks face. Although many elephants can maneuver around the patchwork villages, opportunistic elephants can find their way onto farms and crush entire crops in a matter of hours. Farmers may lose crops, property, and even lives; elephants are believed to murder 500 people each year, and wild animals, especially elephants, may be slaughtered in retribution.


Predation of livestock by lions, leopards, and hyenas, as well as predators following their prey on migratory routes near community lands, might result in retaliatory attacks.


Now more than ever it is crucial to help organizations like the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to help save and preserve animals facing global threats like the ones mentioned. The thin wildlife border and human life line is close to being crossed, but in cooperation with authorities and people wanting to get involved, dangers can be prevented.



Norsu Organic & Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


As an eco-friendly brand, we care for the environment and preservation of species, which is why we’re very proud and thrilled to be contributing to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust through our sales. For each order, 3% of the order amount will be donated to the organization to help them in their mission to save as many endangered specimens as possible.


Since its beginnings, the Sheldrick Trust has achieved excellent success by pioneering single-species conservation and, as a result, has grown into a multi-faceted conservation organization capable of meeting the rising difficulties facing Kenya's imperiled animals and environments.


The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's long-term mission is to provide safe havens for wildlife in Kenya through effective management and protection of vital ecosystems and wilderness areas. The Trust can and is taking the lead in securing enormous tracts of land for wildlife by forming tight working collaborations with the Kenya Wildlife Service, the stewards of Kenya's wildlife, the Kenya Forest Service, and local people.


 Norsu Organic & Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Helping The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust With Norsu Organic

As we stated above, 1% of revenue will be donated to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to collaborate with their mission and work to save and preserve endangered specimens in Kenya.


As an eco-friendly brand, we care for the environment and the animals that contribute to it, which is why we cannot be happier with this partnership. We encourage all clients to also visit Sheldrick’s website to get to know their work better as well as find more ways to help them.


Social media can be of great help to communicate this message to more people and get as many individuals involved as possible. Every grain of sand counts, and we’re certain we can all make a difference in our environment.


Take a look at our collections and contribute to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust today with your order.


Sheldrick Wildlife:https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org/

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