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Best Way To Take Care of Organic Cotton and Bamboo Apparels

Best Way To Take Care of Organic Cotton and Bamboo Apparels - NORSU-ORGANIC

The ultimate guide for long-lasting bamboo and organic cotton clothings.

Norsu Organic is an expert brand at creating high-quality unisex essentials for both parents and children that are timeless but with a modern touch.

Since all of our clothes are made from eco-friendly materials, we thought of writing this guide on how to take care of organic cotton and bamboo items to ensure a long-lasting and extraordinary life span.

Machine Wash Cold/ Hand-wash

Machine Wash Cold/ Hand-wash your organic cotton and bamboo apparels
Photo by PlanetCare on Unsplash

If you’re using a wash machine, make sure the water temperature stays under 30 degrees to preserve the organic cotton and bamboo’s properties, and use a gentle cleanser. Especially for newborn clothings.

Washing in a cold water setting helps bamboo and organic cotton last longer and prevent them from shrinking, it also slows the fading of colours. Norsu's clothes are made from durable and eco-friendly materials, so looking after them every time you need to wash an item is a great combination to have the most durable clothing ever.

Do Not Tumble Dry /Tumble Dry Low

Do Not Tumble Dry /Tumble Dry Low your organic cotton and bamboo apparels
Photo by Kyle Arcilla on Unsplash

The tumble dry/tumble dry low setting in your washing machine is not made for every piece of clothing you own, and our wash label recommends not tumbling your clothes dry to ensure they don’t get damaged in the process. Especially when you take care of fleece sweaters, it is important to keep clothes away from high temperature.

The movement of the dryer, as well as the heat, can significantly compromise the integrity of your item of clothing, making it more likely to stretch, fade colours, and more. To dry your clothes, simply hang them indoors or outdoors, ensuring no direct sunlight is hitting on them to prevent discolouring.

Wash With Similar Colours

Wash With Similar Colours your organic cotton and bamboo apparels
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Most fabrics tend to bleed colour to others while washing, which is why you should sort your laundry when needing to clean your organic cotton and bamboo clothes.

Separating by colours only takes a few seconds and can help preserve your clothing’s colours perfectly. It is also helpful when you need to change your washing machine’s temperature setting which we advise you to do at the beginning of the article.

Do Not Bleach

You should avoid using any type of bleach on cotton and bamboo items. Cotton fibres are weakened by chlorine bleach, and if they are thin or fine, to begin with, they can develop holes, the same happens with bamboo compositions.

If you stain an item of clothing, quickly try to wash it with cold water and a non-abrasive cleaner or soap to get rid of the issue.

✨Tips For Taking Care Of Your Delicate Clothing

To get the most out of your bamboo and organic cotton clothes, follow these tips.

  • Wash with cold water by hand or using a washing machine.
  • Use natural soap or non-abrasive cleaner.
  • Hang your clothes dry and avoid squeezing the water out. Make sure no direct sunlight hits your pieces.
  • Wait until your clothes are completely dry before storing them away.

 If you recently purchased a bamboo-based or organic cotton items, always take your time reading the wash label to avoid possible harm to your clothing.


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