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Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Magic of Organic Pajamas For Kids

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Magic of Organic Pajamas for Kids

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Magic of Organic Pajamas for Kids

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for everyone, but for babies and toddlers, it’s essential to help them grow, develop and thrive. Our organic toddler pajamas, combined with a solid nighttime routine, will ensure your child’s sleep health is the best that it can be.

Organic Toddler Pajama Sets-Cream/Affogat

Why Organic Pajamas?

We know that parents want to give their little ones the very best. Clothes made from organic materials are perfect for babies and toddlers for many reasons. We only use organic cotton and bamboo to make our organic toddler pajamas. These are grown without the use of pesticides and other chemicals.

Children’s skin is more sensitive compared to adults because it has a different structure, making skin complaints like eczema and heat rash common. ¹ That’s why we only use organic cotton to make our pajamas for toddlers because natural organic materials are much safer to have close to your child’s skin, reducing the risk of nasty skin conditions.

Natural fabrics like cotton are more breathable compared to synthetic materials. Breathable fabrics are ideal for organic baby clothes because they help the body maintain a comfortable temperature for long periods of time, like during sleep.²

Our organic toddler pajamas mean your child is less likely to struggle with being too hot or too cold during the night, letting them focus on a good night’s sleep. Explore our full range of pajama sets here.

Good Night, Sleep Tight: The Magic of Organic Pajamas for Kids

Why Is Sleep Health Important?

Sleep is important for all of us but it’s vital for kids. It’s during deep sleep that the body creates growth hormone in youngsters, and research shows that kids with low levels of growth hormone get less deep sleep than the average child.³

Sleep also plays a key role in a child’s development, contributing to cognitive performance, mood, learning and memory. Research also shows that poor sleep health in childhood is linked to immune system issues and mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.⁴

Creating A Good Sleep Routine For Your Child

We’ve seen the benefits of organic toddler pajamas and the importance of sleep. Now let’s explore how you can create a routine to boost your child’s sleep health.

Before embarking on a sleep routine, think about the home environment. Consider limiting screen time and dimming lights in the lead-up to getting ready for bed.⁵

A light snack at bedtime might help your child settle, but avoid large meals close to bedtime. It’s also best to avoid sugary drinks like soda or juice.⁷

Repetition is key when it comes to creating a good sleep routine for your kids. A sleep routine will likely include activities like brushing teeth, putting on pajamas or reading a story. These should be done the same order every time.⁶

We know life can get in the way of routines. Don’t beat yourself up if things slip now and again, just get back into the routine as soon as you can.

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