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Best Fabric for babies and kid's clothes


  1. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton:

gots certified cotton, best textile for baby clothes

Cotton is the most common fabric with baby and kids ‘clothing. With the developing with the baby clothing industry, people care more about the texture, source materials, and natural itself. GOTS certified organic cotton is super soft, absorbent and gentle touch with baby’s skin. The clothes which are made with organic cotton become the skin shield for babies, organic cotton against with allergy skin problems, harmful chemicals, and insecticides.


  1. Bamboo:


Bamboo fabric is eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically produced fabric. Mostly, it is one type of rayon, and has very similar touch with silk. Like the organic cotton, bamboo restricts toxic chemicals which can cause skin problems, and the clothes made with bamboo lasts longer than any regular cotton clothes.


  1. Tencel:

tencel fiber

Made from bamboo fiber, strong and long-lasting fabric. With soft, thin, and gentle touch, normally would be used for spring and summer clothes. Tencel are environmentally responsible made from sustainable raw material. It is not only good for babies’ skin, also is beneficial for the planet as well. With limited dyed and printing, it becomes one of the most natural fabrics for baby and kids.










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